On the cusp...

Spring 2016 Home Decor Trends

When redecorating a home we scour the internet for all sorts of imagery that can inspire us to turn our house into a home. We come across so much information and so many styles that at times we just can't begin to combine all that into one that fits into our home.

What is "my" style anyway!?

We at Stratton Home Décor have done some of that leg-work for you and created a little inspiration collage just for you. May we present to you.....

This "Soft Glam" trend combines floral elements with a tribal flair for a very feminine look. Don't let all the pretty pastels fool you though, this trend can easily be toned down to fit a more masculine flavor.
By using the darker shades in the color palette (greys, blues and greens) and combining them with copper metals and woven textures you can make turn this trend into an "everyone's" home.
Keep your eyes open for this trend hitting stores near you in late 2015 and early 2016.
Til next time...