Founded by Joel Merkur, Stratton Home Décor is a family owned and operated company specializing in wall décor since 1973. Today, Stratton Home Décor is led by Evan Merkur and Michael Siegel backed by a team of experienced designers and product managers located in the United States and Asia.


As a boutique design house with an expertise in wall décor, we are passionate about the vision our customers aim to achieve. More than a vendor, we become a partner gaining an in-depth understanding of your style needs. We tailor our products to create a unique recipe of trend and value that is right for you.


A stylish design is sure to catch the eye, but success is in the details. With full-service offices in the U.S. and Asia, our global operations team takes a hands-on approach to quality control. We oversee all manufacturing to ensure the highest level of execution, packaging, and freight fulfillment.


Our team of experienced designers gathers inspiration from all angles of life when developing our collections. With their finger on the pulse of both professional home décor trends and social media, they collaborate to create wall décor that is fashionable for the classic contemporary home.